Civic Quencher Vending Machine (Pre-Order)
Civic Quencher Vending Machine (Pre-Order)
Civic Quencher Vending Machine (Pre-Order)

Civic Quencher Vending Machine (Pre-Order)

Regular price $999.99

Attention: this is a pre-order only!

A refundable deposit of $999.99 will secure your order and be applied to the cost of the machine. 

The full amount due for each machine starts from $15,000, depending on customizations. Pre-order today to reserve your machines. 

The Civic Quencher Vending Machine is an ideal machine to vend drinks with various sized containers. This adult beverage vending machine for sale delivers products at the consumer's waist height comfortably. The elevator in the machine stimulates the sales alongside the brand opportunity of the rolling panel advertiser.

(Unbranded vending machine for sale color is silver, not with graphics as shown. Custom graphics available for this machine)


  • Up to 8 fully flexible trays and up to 7 channels per tray. 


  • This adult beverage machine for sale can be configured without the need of additional spare parts. Use Easyflex system; allows the fast modification of the width and depth of the channel.
  • FIFO (First In First Out) system used to distribute products with an intelligent algorithm to deliver one product at a time from attached channels.
  • Plug and Play Ready. Telemetry system, a powerful system which allows measurement and reporting of information, such as sales, products, statistics and stocks from a remote area. Watchdog system that identifies and reports engine failure of this adult beverage vending machine for sale through text messaging.
  • Automated self-diagnostic control system included in this adult beverage vending machine for sale.
  • Health timer that prohibits to vend out-of-date products.
  • Saves energy with ON-OFF timer for the front panel lights.


  • Powerfully built with an anti-oxidation and anti-corrosive coating material.
  • Security lock with three-point-locking system.
  • High capacity cash box and with the optional accessory of self-locking when removed from the base.
  • All cabinets are foam injected in this alcohol vending machine for sale.


  • Programming facilities on site with built-in modules.
  • Handheld device with optional cloning machine.
  • Real time out of product alarm, remote programming, data extraction and other options through "Vending Track," a telemetry system are included in this alcohol vending machine for sale.
  • Data retrieval for audits and statistics. 


  • Branding opportunity with the Vision advertiser – Rolling panel fitted at the elevator following its movements.