Civic BD10 Vending Machine (Pre-Order)

Civic BD10 Vending Machine (Pre-Order)

Regular price $999.99

Attention: this is a pre-order only!

A refundable deposit of $999.99 will secure your order and be applied to the cost of the machine. 

The full amount due for each machine starts from $15,000, depending on customizations. Pre-order today to reserve your machines. 

Civic BD10 Vending Machines enable you to dispense any kinds of age or identity-gated products, with payment solutions available, as well. Each machine listed below will come turn-key, plug-and-play and ready to stock with product. Every machine comes with the following peripherals, which are included in the rental/purchase pricing: graphics wrap, touchscreen, software application, testing


  • 150-500 items, depending on product size


  • Each machine includes a 10” touchscreen digital interface
  • Machines offer a glass front to view the product, with a touchscreen positioned to the side
  • The machines require a standard power connection of 110VAC/60Hz/1.5A
  • Each machine comes with a conveyor belt and elevator delivery system
  • Compact machines, perfect for indoor use: 74” tall, 37” deep, 36” wide


    • The touchscreen houses the software application
    • You can combine identity verification with payments and other features, like social media, data capture, email capture, quiz/survey, PIN-code entry, badge scanning, NFC/RFID, point-of-sale